We are all creators

Whether you’re a seasoned influencer, or someone who wants to win prizes for video submissions, this is your new favorite app.

Build your profile, link to your social media accounts, then submit challenge videos for a chance to win prizes, digital distribution, massive exposure, and a direct connection to your favorite brands.

Price: FREE
Yes, it’s FREE to register, submit to video challenges, interact with others and grow your personal brand. If you want to launch marketing campaigns and create social challenges, you can upgrade to a Brand account once registered.
What do I get?
  • 50 GB of Platform Storage
  • Ability to Compete in Challenges
  • Chance to Win Cash and Prizes
  • Connect Directly to Brands
  • Connect with Other Creators
  • Featured Creators Make Ad Revenue
  • Grow Personal Brand and SEO
  • Option to upgrade to a brand account
Can I make Money?
Yes.  Win a challenge with a prize. or Become a Featured Creator and Get Ad Revenue from Your Videos. or Connect with Brands and Gain Sponsorships.


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