Engage with Creators

With the xChange TV platform, brands are able to connect with content creators like never before.  We engage a World-Wide audience to create some of the web’s best content.  Let them contribute to your brand story by creating a Video Challenge and crowd-source your next campaign or video show.

Create Challenge

You work with our Challenge Specialists to create a landing page for your challenge, a funnel for videos, and a data sync for your Sourced Data and Content.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Source Data

Once your Challenge is live you will immediately be able to see data associated with your Challenge campaign.  You get stats on your landing page and all CRM data collected while live.

Source Content

In addition to an amazing amount of Sourced Data, you also get VIDEO CONTENT associated with your challenge.  This is basically invaluable, but for you, we charge a small fee.

People + Brands

People engage our community of brands and creators by being active in our community conversations and responding to video challenges.

Brands engage our community of creators by creating video challenges – a call to crowd-sourced content.

People can go from watching the web’s best videos, to creating them.  Reaching influencer status with xChange TV means you get paid a percentage of the ad revenue generated from your content as well as hosting and travel opportunities from the world’s best brands.

Video Challenges

Search and Browse video challenges, then submit your video

VOD and Linear

We have an OTT Channel and Video on Demand capabilities

Crowd Sourced

Brands call our specific video challenges and people respond.

Cross Channel

Programming available on Web, iOS™, Android™ and ROKU™